Spring Means Building Season at BIS…

Seeking Innovative Coverage Solutions for your Home Builders?

Remember to check our Reference Material library for our latest marketing material, product changes, sample forms, etc.  We have new documents including a highlight sheet of our new Builder’s Value Protection Program (BVPP) for your builders wanting to offer builder-backed warranty protection to their home buyers while benefiting from premium savings.

Appetite Continues to Broaden…

While our maximum annual sales threshold for new home builders remains at $25M, we have increased our sales cap on all other classes to $10M!  We will consider even larger thresholds for the right account…

Audit Process Made Easier

Last year we switched to a simple mail audit format, making the questionnaire and a FAQ available online, which have been well received.  This year we have enhanced the “estimated audit” process (for those policyholders that do not comply).  After sending multiple audit requests followed by a conditional non-renewal if there is non-compliance, estimated audits are now only billed if the current term policy does not renew (makes for fewer revised audits). 

Because we are collecting mail audits, we no longer found it necessary to include our optional renewal questionnaire with our renewal offers sent to the insured, which has further streamlined the process. 

We would love to help if you have audit questions-


BIS Expansion- Now in 15 States!  (AZ, CA, CO, ID, IL, MI, MN, MT, NV, OR, TX, UT, WA, WI, WY)

BISbuilder is now ready to offer admitted quotes in 15 states, still with no taxes or fees.  Our 10 newest states (CO, ID, IL, MI, MN, MT, TX, UT, WI, WY) are offered with no C&P or Manifestation coverage triggers, and no water intrusion sub-limits.  To help you keep track of all the new state options, please find our new Product Guide in our Reference Material library.  Please also forward your agency licenses for any of the new states you would like to work with us in. 

Solar Panel Installers- Now Eligible

We have added Solar Panel Installers (99080) as a new class.  We are targeting installers working on <4 story structures (no roofers, panel manufacturing, solar farms, or retail).  This class includes a $25K sub-limit for water intrusion (some risks eligible for $50K) and an Action Over exclusion; panel cleaners are eligible.

Project Specific Policies (PSPs) Available

In addition to our Practice Policies, PSPs have become more in demand.  We have responded by offering PSPs with up to 3-year completion terms, issued on one policy with completed ops coverage through repose.  How simple is that?

We All Love Shorter Applications

OK, for our GC classes, we recently improved and added a few questions to our online application with the goal of efficiency and eliminating some of the follow-up questions on submissions.  Trade class questions have been streamlined and shortened to be class specific, answerable with just a few key strokes. 

We all want time to enjoy spring and work on more new business

…and BIS is Ready to Help!