BIS Information


Contractor Program

Includes over 40 classes of artisans and general contractors. Risks engaged in both commercial and residential building and remodeling are eligible.


  • Annual sales up to $6M (auditable up and down)
  • At least three years of comparable experience in the same type of construction
  • No more than one liability loss in the past three years
  • Contractors targeting projects under $1.5M


What is a Producer Code?

A Producer Code is a unique indentifying number we will assign to your agency.

If you are not appointed with The Insco Dico Group, begin the appointment process today.

If you are already a producer with The Insco Dico Group but have forgotten your Producer Code, you may e-mail to request a reminder.


How to obtain a Password?

Obtaining a password is easy! After submitting all documents requested on our Become a Producer page, we will evaluate your application for appointment. Once you have been appointed, you will be assigned a Producer Number. Using this unique number, follow the instructions for obtaining a password on the Producer Support page.